About Us

Our Vision

Tsholofelo Community is a religious community of men and women.

It is at present a diocesan order wishing to become a Society for Apostolic Life. It lives according to the charisms of St John Baptiste de La Salle and St Marie Madeleine Postel, whose consciousness of God in their daily lives and interactions was what directed their apostolic work among the poor.

Tsholofelo Community is a PBO (Reg no: 93001961). It was founded in 1992 in Phokeng, near Rustenburg in the North West Province, South Africa by Sr Georgina Boswell and Brother Joseph Kiely for the purpose of working with and for the development of the poor and marginalized people living in squatter camps and informal settlements in the Rustenburg area.

In the early 1990's Sr Georgina left her salaried job as a nursing tutor in the Impala Platinum Mines and Bro Joseph left his teaching job in Bafokeng High School in order to work full time in the squatter camps.

The modus operandi of the community is to work with the people directly in the belief that human resources are present among the people themselves and that real development means enabling people to identify and make decisions about their own needs. It is understood that people will need guidance, training and support and sometimes financial input.